Sunday School

Where in God’s Creation is my Sunday School Class?


Building B Downstairs

The Nest

Infants |  Room 111

The Woodlands

Raccoons (Toddlers) |  Room 128

Owls (2 Year Olds) |  Room 129

Foxes (3 Year Olds) |  Room 130

Deer (4 & 5 Year Olds) |  Room 131

Bear (Kindergarten) |  Room 132


Building B Upstairs

The Treehouse

1st-4th Grade |  Rotate Classes (213-216)


5th Grade |  Room 217

6th Grade |  Room 218

7th-8th Grade |  Room 204

9th-12th Grade |  Room 209


Sunday Childcare – 11 AM

Sunday childcare is available for children ages 2-5 year olds and are located in Building B (downstairs).


2 – 3 year olds | Room 128


4 – 5 year olds | Room 129

All children must be checked in and out by a parent/guardian before/during and after the service.

As always, children are welcome in all of our worship services

Creation Kids Worship Bags are available for children in worship.  Each bag contains resources to help them fully participate in worship.

We believe that children’s participation in worship is important to their spiritual formation. When children worship with adults, they are empowered to develop a sense of belonging to a faith community. The gift of a church where children are engaged in worship encourages each of us to examine how we engage in worship, our faith, and one another. Children remind us there is not a right way, or one way, to worship and challenge us to be open to the spontaneity of the Holy Spirit. Children remind us that God is present in the messy-ness of our lives, giving us opportunity to reexamine the meaning of sacred and holy.